Term 2, Week 6 2022

Mrs W term 2, week 6 2022

Welcome to our Emu News for term 2, week 6 2022.

It is amazing how much we are able to achieve at Dhurringile and how many different experiences the students receive. 

I have been very proud of the way our students have represented themselves and our school at recent events. Great job!
Recap the fortnight

In the past fortnight, the students and staff at Dhurringile PS have achieved the following:

  • Mrs. N. and I attended our PLC (Professional Learning Community) meeting for teachers. Originally Currawa PS was going to host us however it became necessary to hold the day virtually. Ms. Cook must have had a fantastic day teaching our students as she asked if we could consider her first next time we need a teacher for the day! 

  • attended Wunghnu PS for our annual Bravehearts (Ditto) session. The Dhurringile students loved being able to explore someone else's playground for the day.

  • Miss Smith came with the library truck for our library session only this time she had a special surprise - the brand new truck including a new back section with the books! The new truck hasn't been decorated as yet. I wonder what it is going to look like? This photo is of the old truck with the Dhurringile students when it was brand new. The photo is dated 17 Aug 2006.

  • I attended the state Principal Conference via virtual communications for 2 days. 

  • and we had a blast learning Break dancing at Zeerust PS, again with Wunghnu and Waaia-Yalca South schools. 


Please check the calendar with each Emu News or on our website to keep up-to-date with happenings, excursions etc for our school. If you click on the title of the events a second page will open with further details.

School Council

The next School Council meeting will be on Monday 20th June at 6.30 pm. At this stage, the meeting will be virtual which is the preferred DET meeting method.

Please email any agenda items to dhurringile.ps@education.vic.gov.au The agenda, financial information, and meeting link will be emailed out in the week prior to the meeting to school council members.

Stay warm,

Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant

We’ve been successful with our application for a 2022 Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant for our project, 'Kitchen Garden Remake!'

The aim of our project is to rebuild our vegetable garden to enable the students to participate in growing vegetables for use at school and at home. The children will be involved in the entire process from designing the new garden, to purchasing seedlings and seeds, to nurturing the plants, to harvesting, and cooking as well as documenting the process. The expected (environmental and educational) outcomes of the project include: the students learning self-sustainability by learning how to grow food for themselves and their families as well as learning cooking skills.

Dhurringile Primary School is one of 1,054 primary schools and early learning centres throughout Australia receiving a Woolworths Junior Landcare grant to help grow our next generation of environmental champions.

The children and teachers are looking forward to working and learning from this project and we’ll keep you updated on the results.

In the meantime, check out our Woolworths Junior Landcare page at https://woolworthsgrantsmap.juniorlandcare.org.au/grant-round-4/kitchen-garden-remake/

Break dancing

Our latest excursion was to Zeerust PS for a break dance session with the small schools' cluster. 

Wow, was it a fantastic session and day with our friends from Wunghnu, Waaia-Yalca South and Zeerust schools.
You can watch the fun at https://youtu.be/NXhgP7nwHhg

Every Day Counts

Protecting the safety and well-being of children through the reporting and monitoring of absenteeism is the responsibility of both parents/carers and schools.  

 Same-day notification of unexplained student absences

Our school will text you as soon as practicable on the day if a student is not at school and you haven’t notified the school as to why.

If you are notified by the school that your child is away without a reason, please contact us as soon as possible by texting / calling 0418 383 064 or calling 5826 6222 to let us know where your child is. If we cannot reach you because we don’t have your correct contact details (i.e.: message notification fail, disconnected number), then we will make contact with any emergency contact/s nominated on your child’s file held by the school, where possible, on the same day of the unexplained absence.

Please remember it is your responsibility to contact us to provide an explanation for your child's absence from school, and where possible, please inform us in advance of upcoming absences.

For further information on the processes and procedures our school uses to record, monitor and follow-up student attendance and absence please read our Attendance Policy https://www.dhurringileps.vic.edu.au/source/BUILD/attendance_policy.pdf

Aquamoves colouring competition

Learn about Walter the Watch Dog and his swimming moves in this Aquamoves Water Safety colouring competition!

Win a giant prize pack of goodies, including a VIP train pass at KidsTown!


Simply collect your Walter the Watch Dog Water Safety colouring sheet from Customer Service or from our school (or download it at https://aquamoves.com.au/article/!/1415/post/water-safety-colouring-comp-win-a-prize) and submit your completed artwork to Aquamoves Customer Service before Tuesday 14 June 2022. 

There are 4 age group categories, with a prize awarded to a winner in each. The age groups are:

  • 12 months to 3 years
  • 4 years to 6 years
  • 7 years to 10 years
  • 11 years plus

The winners will be drawn on Wednesday 15 June 2022 and notified by phone. 

Check out the full competition terms and conditions here or for more information contact Swim School by emailing swimschool@aquamoves.com.au or phoning 58329400.

Term 2 photos

This is what has been happening around our school in term 2 2022.
Student artwork from our art class with Miss Cowan


Self-sown seeds from our old kitchen garden


Our new creative centre IMG_4270



Speed zones

A reminder of the school speed zone at the front of the Dhurringile Primary School.
The following information comes from the Vic Roads website

School speed zones

Slow down during school times and help keep our kids safe.

School speed zones are reduced-speed areas that operate near schools. They’re designed to keep kids safe by lowering the speed limit at peak times when children are travelling to and from school.

Find out more about road safety near schools.

What’s the speed limit?

In most cases the speed limit during school speed zone times is:

  • 40km/h (when the original speed limit is less than 80km/h)
  • 60km/h (when the original speed limit is 80km/h or higher).

The speed limit and operating times will be clearly displayed on nearby signs.

When do school speed limits apply?

This depends on the kind of zone you’re travelling in. There are two types of school speed zones:

  • permanent 40km/h zones 
  • variable, time-based zones. 

What dates do these limits apply on? 

Time-based school zones operate:

  • between 8 - 9.30am and 2.30 - 4pm
  • on weekdays during Victorian school terms (except for public holidays).
 Start dateEnd date
Term 128 January 20228 April 2022
Term 226 April 2022 24 June 2022
Term 311 July 2022

16 September 2022

Term 43 October 202220 December 2022

Give me a sign

Keep an eye out for the following signs and make sure to travel within the speed limit shown.  

Advance warning signs

Speed Sign Advanced Warning

Prepare to slow down as you approach a school speed zone. 

Permanent School zone sign

40km/h speed sign

Always drive at or below 40km/h within a school speed zone. 

Time-based school zone sign

40km/h school speed zone sign60km/h school speed zone sign

Always drive at or below the speed limit displayed within a school zone.

Variable electronic signs

60 km/h electronic variable speed sign

These signs are often used on roads with high speeds or large traffic volumes. The speed limit displayed will change depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.

Student COVID test portal

The student COVID test portal is designed to record a student’s positive COVID-19 test result and allows parents or carers to set up an account, add a child to that account then submit their COVID-19 test result into the system.

The portal can be accessed at Student COVID test portal. Further information for families about testing positive can be found at  Checklist for COVID cases.

Changes to RATs from Monday 23rd May 2022

From Monday 23rd May 2022 there are changes to the provision of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) in our school for the remainder of Term 2.

RATs will continue to be distributed to you as they have been throughout this school year for the remainder of this term.

However, from Monday 23 May 2022, students will no longer be recommended to undertake either twice weekly RATs in mainstream schools or 5 days a week in specialist schools.

RATs however will continue to be required by students who are household contacts to attend school (5 negative tests over a 7 day period) or who have symptoms.

The ongoing supply of RATs to families in our school will ensure that parents and carers will have them should they need them if their child is a household contact or has symptoms.

Families must continue to notify the Department of Health and the school if their child returns a positive RAT result. Additionally, you should inform us if any of your children are household contacts.

Thank you also to all families who has got their child vaccinated. Vaccination continues to remain the best way to protect students and staff in our school.

Getting vaccinated is easy and bookings can be done via the coronavirus website. If you have any questions about the vaccines, I encourage you to speak to your GP or a health practitioner.

Thank you again for your ongoing cooperation and support during this time.

Face Masks

While recommended, face masks are not required in any school settings from 11.59pm 22 April 2022.   Any students or staff members who wish to wear a mask may do so, including those who are medically at-risk.


This means students in Grades 3 to 6 and staff and visitors to primary schools are no longer required to wear face masks.

Household contacts attending school who are over 8 years of age are required to wear face masks indoors unless they have a valid exemption.

Everyone including students aged 8 years and above must wear a face mask when travelling on public transport, taxis or ride share vehicles.

Dhurringile Primary School continues to support our community by offering free cloth reusable and disposable face masks in adult and child sizes. Masks are available from the Dhurringile School and Community Street Library located at the front of the school.