Bike Education

For term 2, we were fortunate to receive Sporting Schools funding which we used for Bike Education.


To further the range of activities that our students can participate in at school and to extend our SHINE (Strive, Healthy, Include, New, Emotions) program, Dhurringile Primary School decided to spend the Sporting Schools funds on Bike Education in term 2 2022. 

Each of our students was purchased a new bike to use at school along with a helmet and safety vest. 
To support the Bike Education program, we also purchased a set of road signs, traffic lights, model cars and model signs.

Bike Education encompasses a variety of skills and curriculum areas including: 
  • Physical Education,
  • Health,
  • SHINE (Strive, Healthy, Include, New, Emotions),
  • Maths, and
  • Personal and Social Capability.

After initial safety and bike riding skills as part of our PE program, the students have been allowed to ride their bikes at recess and lunchtime.
The students assisted in developing the Dhurringile PS bike riding rules to keep everyone safe.

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