Welcome to Dhurringile Primary

LOOKING AT SCHOOLS FOR YOUR CHILDREN?  Dhurringile Primary School is a caring and inclusive school.  All children are supported to build their strengths and be outstanding learners.

Do you want your child to learn in a school which has:
  • A supportive family atmosphere?
  • Small teaching groups?
  • Experienced teachers dedicated to meeting individual student needs?
  • Specialist Music, Arts, STEM, Italian and Physical Education programs?
  • A strong community to welcome you?
  • Regular opportunities to make friends at other schools on camps and excursions?
  • A beautiful playground with access to learning in the natural environment?
  • Well equipped classrooms with 1 to 1 digital technologies?
  • A “No put down” zone where bullying is not accepted?
  • A commitment to lifelong learning?

If your answer is YES, take the short trip to 605 Langham Road, Dhurringile to see what we have to offer! 

You can also give me a call on 58266222 or 0418 383 064 to have a chat or arrange a time for a personal tour.
Lisa Wilson

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